When it comes to aquarium stands, our goal is twofold.

Structurally Sound Wood and Metal Stands

Firstly, and most importantly, it is critical to recognize your stand for what it is  the foundation that supports an extremely heavy body of water in the middle of your home. Improper support, uneven or out-of-level stand or floor surface is the single primary reason for aquarium failures. Our craftsmen have over 20 years experience building dedicated aquarium stands and know which structural elements need to be utilized based on the parameters of the aquarium. 

One of our primary efforts in ensuring unparalleled structural support is offering metal frames inside the stands, which guarantee against sagging or warping that can potentially happen to a wood structure over time. There isn't a system that wouldn't benefit from a metal foundation, but we recommend that you specifically consider a metal frame for tanks taller than 25" and larger than 200 gallons. For tanks 30" tall and larger than 300 gallons, we think a metal stand should be mandatory. Generally, the taller the tank, the more pressure it will be subjected to, and the more reason to invest in a metal frame.  

We offer grade 304 and grade 316 STAINLESS STEEL stands, and, for smaller tanks, ALUMINUM stands. Metal stands can be purchased with and without wood wrapping, in both a rough and premium finish. The stands can be equipped with tabs for mounting your own wood skin, and stainless steel leveling feet for extra flexibility during installation.

Stands that Fit Beautifully into Your Decor

The second part of the equation is the style. We offer two main lines of stand designs: MODERN and TRADITIONAL.  

The Modern styles are characterized with simple, straight lines, and flush surfaces without any moulding. The variations within this line have to do with the size of the doors, as well as the beveling of the edges. For example, the Solana and the Sydney style both have doors that are fully inset into the front panel of the stand (with borders on all sides of the doors), but the Solana has straight edges while the Syndey has beveled edges. The different Modern styles are illustrated below:

Aquarium Steel Stand 96x24

Aquarium Stand 72x24

Aquarium Stand 36x24Aquarium stand 48x24

Our Traditional stands feature a more intricate design with moulding. The two main styles in this line are Malibu and Shaker. The Shaker style is not entirely "traditional" in the classic sense of the word, and can be used successfully in contemporary interiors. However, in terms of the building process, they are very similar to the Malibu stands and we therefore put them in the same group. 

Aquarium Stand 72x30

Aquarium Stand 60x30

Custom Designs 

If you need your aquarium stand to blend seamlessly into your decor, or just saw a stand online that tickled your fancy, we are the ones you want to contact. Below are some of the fully custom designs that we copied based on pictures provided by customers. Based on those pictures, we can not only match the design itself, but also color match to your existing furniture (although a physical sample such as a door or a shelf would be best).

Aquarium Stand 60x24

Aquarium Stand 48x24

Aquarium Steel Stand 72x24

Endless Customization Options 

Most aquarium manufacturers are very limited not only in the variety of styles that they offer, but also the additional features that can add significantly to your hobby experience. Here are only some of the options you can add to your build:

• Matching canopy (50-65% of stand cost, depending on design and height)

Aquarium Stand 72x24

• Additional side doors and electric compartment to organize your equipment

Apex Compartment / Electric Panel Aquarium Stand

• Glossy white interior finish

Aquarium Stand 60x24

Aquarium Stand 36x24